On-Premises Microsoft Exchange Hack

On the heels of the massive SolarWinds breach, which you can read about here, reports started circulating on March 2 that 250,000 organizations’ on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers, including 30,000 organizations in the U.S., were the target of a cyberattack linked [...]

Lessons Learned from the SolarWinds Hack: What Went Wrong & How Can Lawyers Help Mitigate the Risk of Cyberattacks

Authors:  Carina Mendola, University of Pittsburgh School of Law (JD expected 2022), BA, MBA, MSIT; Brett Creasy, President and Director of Digital Forensics, bit-x-bit, LLC, CISSP, GCFA, CCE The recent SolarWinds hack has been described as "a turning point in [...]

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Using Cloud-Based Systems to Transmit Client Data? Be Mindful of Potential Security Risks

Failure to protect and safeguard data is more than just a potential liability for law firms: it can also have adverse consequences for the firm’s clients. Law firms are extraordinarily alluring for threat actors since profitable information, including trade secrets [...]

Microsoft Teams – How to smartly use a powerful collaboration tool

By: Brett Creasy & John Unice Since the world’s shift to remote work, the use of workplace collaboration tools – which enable members of an organization to share information, work on documents, and communicate globally – has exploded. Microsoft Teams, [...]


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