Twitter v. Musk – The Perils of Producing Messaging Content During Discovery

Kurt Petro, GCFA, MCSE Senior Digital Forensics Examiner The back and forth between Elon Musk and Twitter, as Mr. Musk contemplates a purchase of the worldwide social media platform, has been at the forefront of the news cycle for some [...]

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By Caitlin Counihan, Digital Forensic Analyst  Verizon recently released its highly anticipated 15th annual Data Breach Investigations Report (“DBIR”), with a valuable data-driven review and analysis of the past year’s major security events. As a leader in the field of [...]

Looking to Obtain or Renew Cybersecurity Insurance? Implementing a Few Key Security Measures Can Help

By: Kurt Petro, Senior Forensic Examiner, bit-x-bit, LLC High-profile cybersecurity incidents, such as the SolarWinds(1)(2), Colonial Pipeline(3), Microsoft Exchange Server(4) and Log4J(5)(6) attacks, have certainly captured recent headlines, These major events were far from the only wide-ranging cyber incidents to [...]

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Evolution of the Fifth Amendment’s Protections Against Compelled Password Disclosure

By Freddie Dyroff, CASA, CCO, CCPA, CBE, CMO Just over one year ago, we considered the question of whether a court can compel someone to provide his or her private password information to government authorities, in light of the Fifth [...]

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Workplace Collaboration Tools

By John Unice, Esq., CEO Well before the COVID 19 pandemic, many organizations were looking for technological platforms through which colleagues could communicate, share information, create work product, and convene meetings remotely. Particularly in larger entities, with employees dispersed amongst [...]

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Responding to a Cybersecurity Attack? bit-x-bit’s Customized Approach and eDiscovery Technology Can Help

By Beth Hughes, Esq., eDiscovery Project Manager Protecting sensitive and personal data is mission-critical to many organizations. Companies should strive to take all reasonable measures to keep organizational, client and customer data safe from security threats. If you have concerns [...]

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